What a Lawyer Can Do For Out-of-State Drivers That Received a Ticket in Virginia

The state of Virginia takes speeding and reckless driving very seriously. State patrol vehicles are especially keen on detecting, stopping, and fining out-of-state drivers. Virginia is a major conduit for East Coast commuters. Interstate 95 runs through the state and thousands of out-of-state drivers use it every day. If you are stopped by a Virginia state trooper for speeding, you can expect to receive a ticket. It is not unusual to see a fine of $350 for reckless driving, and a ticket for excessive speeding can cost you $250.

Virginia has a very thorough and strict enforcement mechanism for traffic fines. If you fail to pay the ticket by the due date, you will be charged interest. If you fail to pay the ticket and the interest, the state will send a collection agency after you. A judge may also issue a warrant for your arrest.

Even if you never pass through Virginia again, the citation will not go away. The state will ensure that your license is suspended in your home state. This can cause problems if you are stopped for a violation or when you go to renew your license.

It is better to resolve the matter rather than ignore it, hoping that it will go away. If you have already missed the deadline for paying your Virginia speeding ticket and received notice that the state is preparing to take legal action against you, then you should retain the services of a Virginia traffic lawyer.

You will need a lawyer to represent you in the state of Virginia. Not only is it costly to travel back-and-forth just to settle a speeding ticket, but you are also in no position to handle the matter yourself. A traffic lawyer has the knowledge and insight to deal with state authorities. If it is the first offense, your lawyer may be able to get the fine, interest charges, and court costs reduced. If the matter has escalated to the point that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, your lawyer can try to defuse the situation; they can negotiate with state authorities to resolve the matter in a way that is favorable to you.

You should not take a speeding ticket issued in Virginia lightly. If you believe that your failure to pay it has put you in serious trouble with the state, you should call a traffic attorney in Virginia, They will help you understand your legal options.